Based on solid wood, genuine dry carbon fibre was paste, and baked in a pressure oven called autoclave, with clear coat sprayed on top. This is a real carbon fibre collection box, manufactured by FAME FORD, company known for making the highest quality box. Soft inner liner was put for the interior and will hold the internal watch safely. 


A deep matte black outer box, rubber-like touch, makes the carbon fibre stand out. Recommended for individuals and also commercial displays. 



*Some items may have scratches and streaks between the outer body and the interior. These are sometimes generated during the process of autoclave. Please understand that items that do have these streaks are not defective items.  

*The watch shown in the picture will not be included. This is just an example for display. 


  • 1.8 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-2 days1